Cayenne pepper will stop a stroke or heart attack instantly!

Start using it on all your foods. Gradually increase the amount. It will greatly enhance the flavor of your food. You can buy a big jar of it at the dollar store for only $1. It will keep your arteries free from colesteral.


Cayenne is one of the most important herbs to know about and understand. It's easily available in mexican groceries and health food stores. It's also inexpensive. Cayenne is HOT. Habenero's HOTTER, and African Bird Pepper Dangerously hot. All contain Capsicain, which activates the nerve endings in the mouth to open up arteries and capillaries.

That's why one's face goes red immediately upon eating one of the cayenne varieties. If signs of a heart attack or stoke occur, the first thing is to take or administer a spoonful of cayenne. Teaspoon to a tablespoon....not important. The thing is to get it in the mouth were it activates the nerve endings and opens up the arteries. Wash it down with water. That done, call 911.


Dr. Schultz says it's most likely the heart attack symptoms will be gone before the medical team arrives and because the blood vessels to the heart were expanded, no or very little heart damage will be found. Yes, it will burn the mouth and tongue, which will heal with replaced cells, and it will hurt at the other end. It, too, will heal. Small price to pay for surviving a heart attack or stroke.


WARNING! Do not take the cayenne in capsule form as it does not activate the nerve endings in the mouth. Instead, the gelatin disolves in the stomach, releasing the cayenne where it won't do anything helpful, only creating sudden cramps. Throw away the capsuled cayenne. It is no help and a waste of money. The same principal with strokes. The cayenne (in the mouth) opens up blood flow to the brain preventing subsequent brain damage.


Another use of cayenne is to stop bleeding in open wounds or gashes. Just sprinkle cayenne on the wound. The bleeding will stop almost immediately, as if by magic AND it will NOT burn or hurt as some believe. The wound is already traumatized, the cayenne won't hurt. I know from personal experience and dismay. Strange...Cayenne will both increase circulation AND stop bleeding. Two important uses!


Schulze recommends that everyone get in the habit of using cayenne as seasoning in foods daily as it definitely improves circulation. I sprinkle it on my eggs! My wife laughs as my face always reddens. I told her she'll know I'm dead when it doesn't. Schulze includes recipes and instructions for making all his remedies and tintures, as well as instructions and advice. Most of his tinctures contain some cayenne to improve the circulation of the area the tincture is to get to. Makes sense to me.