About Cayenne Pepper

The Cayenne Pepper is a pepper used for flavoring foods and for medicinal purposes. The Cayenne Pepper is in the Nightshade Family. The Cayenne Peppers are most often dried and then ground into ground cayenne pepper. The Cayenne Pepper was originally named for the French city of Cayenne in French Guiana. It was once native only to that area but the cayenne pepper is now grown all over the world.

Cayenne Pepper is used in cooking spicy foods like Gumbo and in some parts of the world it is ground and served as a herbal spice or mixed with vinegar to make delicious hot sauces. Nicholas Culpeper in the 17th century was one of the first people to discover the medicinal properties of cayenne pepper.

Since then many people have done research into cayenne pepper and they have discovered many medicinal uses for cayenne pepper. It has recently been discovered by researchers that cayenne pepper and the ingredients it contains can kill active cancer cells in the human body.

Cayenne Pepper is now grown all over the world and it takes approx. 100 days for the plant to bloom and produce cayenne peppers. The plants grow from three to four feet tall and if planted in rich soil about three feet apart the plants can produce a abundance of peppers and will continue to produce until frost as long as the mature peppers are kept picked off. If you leave the green peppers on the plant they will eventually turn red like the cayenne pepper in the picture above.

You can grow your own cayenne peppers but use care when you pick and touch the peppers that you don't touch your hands or fingers to your face or you will get the peppers into your eyes and your eyes will start burning. The hottest part of the pepper is the seeds.

Cayenne Peppers are used to add spicy flavor to a lot of cooked dishes and your favorite Buffalo Wing Sauce probably contains cayenne peppers. There are many uses for cayenne peppers and new medicinal uses are being discovered almost every day.